Final Destiny Press is the brain child of Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Final Destiny Productions, Tony Finkelstein.  Final Destiny Press embraces the same spirit as its independent film company parent in that we focus on creativity with an emphasis on quality.  Its structure is as unique as the authors we’ll be bringing under its umbrella providing mutual benefit and reducing the risk associated with new Small Presses.  We will, as we continue to grow, produce a varied range of genre’s that will appeal to a wide audience.  Although not currently taking unsolicited manuscripts, we look for the following in potential authors.  That they can produce stories that can ignite the imagination, challenge the intellect, and encourage the spirit.  We do NOT accept or promote erotica or vulgarity.  We also want to see if the author can demonstrate qualities that will enable them to actively promote their work, and if they have the fortitude to stick with it and conduct themselves with professionalism.

tonyTony has a wide and varied background in both music and theatre. In his teenage years he was one of the top rated drummers in the Tampa Bay area and opened for such legendary acts as Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and went on summer tour with The Rascals. Although music was his first love, he had an obsession for theatre and movie making that would follow him throughout his life.

He attended Woodstock and even made it on the documentary. Although he’ll say he only remembers pieces of it, but he must have had a good time as he spent a great deal of it in the mud. Not long after, Mr. Peace, Love, and Rock Roll volunteered for the U.S. Air Force where he served with honor during the Vietnam War. While in the service he learned the craft of a projectionist, and did camera work for the Army Air Force Motion Picture Service as well as make-up for theatre.

In civilian life, he married Glenda C. Finkelstein and encouraged her to return to her first love of writing. He became her manager and booking agent. He soon discovered that he had a knack for bookings and added to his stable of talent, Noel Neill The Original Lois Lane, Kenny Miller, and many others. It was his connections with these talented individuals that gave him an advantage when an opportunity to turn his wife’s short story, Perfect Copy, into a film emerged. He was Executive Producer, talent scout, location scout, prop master, actor, make-up artist, continuity, and promoter. Basically, chief cook and bottle washer. His pay check was getting to work with these fine people just like when he was young and was given the opportunity to be in a film with the late, John Carradene. It’s the hardest work you’ll ever love.

Tony also lent his voice to two characters for his wife’s audio book, Nemesis Rising, a powerful rendition of the novel that has the added benefits of sound effects and mood music. He was part of the production crew for Sci-Fi Times TV, and co-hosts The Andromeda Library. He is the nuts and bolts for The Andromeda Library directing, producing, and editing the show. He has produced a highly professional show that we know you’ll enjoy. Although a formidable looking man, he’s an ardent professional that takes pride in what he produces.