Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising




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“Phoenix Rising,” The Rundi War is finally over, but the fragile peace hammered out in government chambers was very costly.  Captain Rico Sanchez’s best friend, Captain Conrad Banes of the War Ship Phoenix, the most decorated captain of the war was executed for treason casting a shadow of shame upon his surviving crew.  Rico vows to clear his friends name and restore honor to his beleaguered crew.  His quest for the truth, however, will uncover a deadly conspiracy.  His first mission to evacuate human colonists from Hyperion, the only concession of the peace treaty, will prove to be an integral part of that conspiracy.  Some of the colonists aren’t willing to give up their prime piece of real estate without a fight.  This uprising could thrust them back into war and unwittingly uncovers the truth about why the Rundi wanted peace.  If the truth is discovered, it will cost Captain Sanchez his life.  If the truth remains hidden, it could cost humanity their existence.  (Available on Kindle)


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