The Redemption Chronicles: Book I: “Rumors of War”

The Redemption Chronicles: Book I: “Rumors of War”




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“Redemption Chronicles Book 1: Rumors of War,” The sadist, King Ophir, has been enjoying his decisive victory over his longtime enemy, King Togarmah.  Vengeance, however, is a cruel mistress.  When Ophir’s son, Prince Horeb, is feared dead the king’s power and sanity begins to unravel.  Rumors swirl about the kingdom of an invasion that will destroy the land of Navarre. A secret mission is launched to thwart these rumors only to discover that the Abyss has been opened and the Dragon’s release was imminent.  Fierce hoards of undead warriors gather in the desert awaiting their master’s return while the people prepare for war.  As the king slips deeper into madness, the only hope for the people rests with the Dwarves who’ve remained hidden for millennia.  In a desperate play, the deposed, Prince Javan, embarks on a quest to beseech the Most High God to release unto him his armies. To defeat the Dragon, however, they’ll need more than an army.  They’ll need the prophesied Redeemer.  Yet no one knows who he is, or even if he is….  (Available on Kindle)


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