How do I overcome writer’s block?

Although there is some debate whether or not writer’s block even exists, every writer has those moments when they sit down to write and your mind goes completely blank.  I have discovered that those moments usually happen when my stress levels are at their highest.  My recommendation is to get up and do whatever it is that relieves your stress, walking, running, yard work, shopping, etc.  When you return your prose will flow more easily.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is all around you.  It’s called life, but for it to trigger an idea for a story it’s usually something that taps into your sensibilities and passions.  It could be music, art, a personal situation, a headline, or something obscure you read about on the internet.  It could even be just pondering and asking yourself, “Why?”  There is no singular special place that writers go to for inspiration, they simply run with it when it hits them.

What is an easy way to become published?

First of all, remove the word, ‘easy.’  Getting published, regardless of the path whether traditional or non-traditional, is not easy.  It’s hard work and takes discipline, sacrifice, determination, and perseverance to become a success.  Ask 50 authors and you’ll get 50 different ways that each of them became published.  It’s a singular journey that you must take and realize that there are pros and cons to either way.  You must decide which is right for you.