Before you start exploring, allow me to introduce you to the talented Glenda C. Finkelstein.  She began her writing career back in 1992 after her husband insisted that she return to her prose after discovering an old manuscript she wrote when she was fifteen.  Finally, she capitulated to her husband’s encouragement and began writing.  After writing three manuscripts, she hadn’t found a publisher until 1996, but the Canadian publisher went out of business the day her fantasy novel, “Battle Cry,” was due in bookstores.  Heartbroken, she went back to the drawing board and in 1999 published “Warning: Living is Dangerous to Your Health,” which is a daily devotional that deals with making the daily grind less stressful.  Following soon after, a historical novel on the lives of “Mary and Joseph,” came out in 2002, and was re-released under Final Destiny Press in 2012.  Her passions moved to the Science Fiction genre with “The Edge of the Universe,” published in 2003. That same year she stopped touring the Florida Barnes & Noble stores from 2000-2003 and entered the world of Science-Fiction Fantasy Conventions debuting “Edge” at  Dragon.con in Atlanta, GA.

After Dragon.con, a flurry of shows followed taking her from Niagara Falls, NY to South Florida, and as far west as St. Louis, MO.  She continues to travel the country hosting panel discussions, workshops, and signings.  Glenda’s writing content can best be compared to C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and her style has been compared to the likes of Isaac Asimov.  Her encounters with such writers as Mercedes Lackey and Harlan Ellison made a profound impact on her giving her the courage to move forward into uncharted waters across various media.  Over the next few years Glenda would learn voice acting, taking on six roles for her audio book, “Nemesis Rising” (also in print), screenwriting and acting for her film “Perfect Copy”,  and the short lived internet TV show “Sci-Fi Times TV.”   These ventures spawned an internet radio talk show called “The Andromeda Library” which she co-hosted with her husband, Tony.

Glenda has won a variety of awards for her writing and is both traditionally published as well as self-published.  She is best known for her Science Fiction, but has embarked upon an epic Fantasy Series called, “The Redemption Chronicles” the first book, “Rumors of War” was released in February 2013 featuring cover art by her talented son, Josh Finkelstein.  Book two, “The Dragon’s Throne,” released January 2016 has opened with enthusiastic reader response.  Her newest Sci-Fi novel titled, “Phoenix Rising,” debuted in 2014 which has inspired a computer game.

In recent years, Glenda has begun lecturing at various schools and colleges which has given her a new focus and determination to inspire the next generation of writers and dreamers to pursue their passions and be successful.